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1% Theory Simplified

1% theory focuses on the questions that our students asked to understand their practice better and to gain more insights on their own journey. We do our best to keep the answers simple because we believe that 99% comes down to practice – a.k.a application or action.

Question : What is the goal of practising [Ashanga] Yoga?

“ASHTANGA yoga is not a style of yoga. It is a method to explore something far more than handstands. Many people see handstand and leg-behind-the-head and think that is what Ashtanga yoga is. 

But Ashtanga yoga is a method to experience what yoga is, to understand who we are, how to be more responsible, how to live in this world as better people. Ashtanga yoga is a method.” 

~ Sharath Jois, teacher, practitioner and lineage holder (paramaguru) of Ashtanga Yoga


“PRACTISING yoga is much more than the postures. Learning to integrate the full “on and off the mat” practice including observing the five Yamas and Niyamas [look out for the upcoming articles] — yoga’s guide on social and personal ethics — in your daily life can transform you and your yoga practice. 

Our thoughts, actions, decisions, interactions with others, our daily routines, our surroundings, everything can reflect the extent of our Yoga practice.

Only by such inclusive and integrated yoga practice can the ultimate goal of this ancient system be realized: bringing our bodies, minds and spirits into harmony to make us free from the bondage and miseries of life.”
~ Sejal Shah, Yoga Teacher at Art of Living


Final thoughts…
It does not matter what series (Primary, Intermediate or Advance) you are practising, how well you can do the poses, how young / old you are, the practice is a life-long journey of self-exploration, discovery and transformation. It is in fact more important to stay consistent, be steadfast, sincere and patient during the learning process.

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