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About Us

The Mysore Haus was founded with the intention to provide a safe practise and learning space for the students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mysore – a practice where students are taught a set sequence of yoga poses in the Ashtanga Yoga tradition started in Mysore, India. Haus [a play of word ‘house’] – to embody the sense of community / space / home for everybody to practice, learn and grow together.

Our singular focus is teaching the Ashtanga Yoga method where students are taught a set sequence that encourages a six days a week practice. Students will be taught on how to memorise the sequence and poses will be added along the way. This method allows them to progress at their own pace under the guidance of the teacher and having the capacity to practise independently. 

“The heart of the Ashtanga Yoga lies in the Tristhana method that sets it apart from the other yoga practices. The three-pronged method focuses the use of postures, breathing and gazing points throughout the practice to develop self-awareness, calmness and mindfulness overtime.”

Moon Days are official rest days and all female practitioners are encouraged to take ladies holiday (2-3 days) during their monthly cycle.

Besides daily Mysore class, we also cater to Corporate classes and private one-to-one / group classes.
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We teach what we practise.

Adeline Lum Co-founder and Teacher at The Mysore Haus

Adeline Lum

Adeline’s first yoga class started in a big commercial studio introduced by a friend; the same time when she just landed herself in her first corporate job. Very quickly attending yoga classes was part of her daily routine as she found comfort and new discoveries about herself through the practice.

Soon after, Adeline resigned from her job and with a leap of faith began her yoga teaching profession in 2009 after completion of the YTT program (that was where she met her now yoga buddy, Shirly!).

Making multiple trips to practice with R. Sharath Jois at KPJAYI Mysore, India made her appreciate the traditional method of learning. Her teaching is greatly influenced by being an apprentice and assistant with James Figueira for over 6 years in Singapore to present.

With the understanding that every student has a different progression clock, her role as a teacher is to support their learning, and grow them to be an independent practitioner. She emphasizes on using physical practice as an educational tool to manage situations in life.

Besides dedicating her time to yoga teaching and practicing, she preoccupies herself with new found interest in optimising health with nutraceutical.

Shirly Oh Co-founder and Teacher at The Mysore Haus

Shirly Oh

After exploring various yoga styles, Ashtanga Yoga became Shirly’s sole focus of practise. Through her personal experiences, she sees the practice as a useful tool to build a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Shirly finds great fulfillment working with individuals to support and guide them through their practice journey.

She credits her primary teaching style from her learning experiences with Prem and Radha (Ashtanga Yoga Research Centre, Ubud), James Figueira (The Yoga Shala, Singapore) and Sharath Jois (Sharath Yoga Centre, Mysore). In 2017, Shirly was authorized to teach Ashtanga Yoga (Level II).

Photo credits : Bun