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How do we stay focus?

Dristhi in yoga
What is drishti?
Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) word for gazing point.
Why is it important?
Keeps our focus and attention during the practice. Over time we will cultivate better concentration and mindfulness both on and off the mat.
How can drishti help with your practice? 
Lessens one’s distractions, makes one more stable in the physical poses and developes more self awareness.
“Where our eyes are directed, our attention follows.” – David Life
How to cultivate drishti?
Direct your attention towards the specific drishti to build concentration and stability over time. It’s important to soften the gaze without straining the eyes, neck or the body. 
What happens when you lose the drishti? 

Simply bring your gaze back again. It happens and is part of the practice that teaches us to keep trying and cultivate one-pointedness.

If you forget or are unsure where to look, simply gaze towards your nose tips. Don’t stress about the ‘right’ drishti, be steadfast in your practice instead. 


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