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Is your ‘practice’ affecting your Yoga

Elevating practise by Adeline Lum

We hear this often, ‘Asana is a 90 minute practice, yoga is 24 hours’. As easy as it sounds a yoga-infused life is indeed a life-time process with consistency and consciousness. 

Yoga will not happen for you if your practice and your life are functioning in separate compartments. While you may think that this kind of arrangement is more efficient in a high-functioning world it actually defeats the whole purpose of the subject matter – Yoga.

Do you feel like you are spreading thin and feel guilty about not getting an ace in everything you touch? Perhaps it’s time to tune in and give yourself a good evaluation – because we can never run on empty. 

The next time you come to the mat try to listen to what your practice has been telling you all this while and apply that wisdom to yourself. 

Each one of us carries some sort of trauma seeded deeply inside us that are expressed through our mannerism, irregardless if you are conscious about it.

Having unresolved memories can lead to great damage. Like walking on a minefield, anything can trigger an emotion and reaction that can be destructive. 

Remember that the practice is not to burden you further. Rather it is a skill to lighten your baggage, to chisel off all limitations from past memories. You can get to know your real self once again.

Nevertheless, teaching yoga to me also includes finding out what students are going through in their lives and maybe throwing some random questions to know more about them through their perceptions. I am glad to know how some students shared about making better choices for themselves after years of contemplating. 

I would like to close with a note that you (the machine), your practice (testing ground) and your life (reality), function together in a never-ending loop – putting in yoga context, leading your life with vinyasa.

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