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Getting out of your comfort zone

Issac Lee

This month we caught up with one of our earlier Urban Ashtangis – Issac, who recently contracted COVID and learnt about his new experiences on and off the mat…

1. What’s been new for you?

Finally managed to travel after two years and I had a great time in Seoul. It was my first time and a totally new experience. I traveled solo, I cannot speak Korean and the food was impressive!

2. How has COVID19 impacted your health, daily activities and the practice?

I caught Covid in April and although the ART kit cleared me to be negative, I could definitely feel the impact of the illness on my health and stamina.  On the other hand, it has helped me to get more acquainted with the breath, which is so important in the practice.

3. We know that you have started a private dining service recently. Can you share ONE tip for those who would like to transition / switch their career while pursuing what they love based on your personal experience?

After a break from professional kitchens, I have recently started  cooking again, doing home dining at my apartment while still transitioning from my desk job. I do Mediterranean-based cuisine based on homemade preparations with fresh ingredients.  

It is not always easy to take the first step out of your comfort zone, but I would say, baby steps are better than no steps.

There will be obstacles along the way, it is important to have a roadmap, and be flexible to what comes along. 

Peek into KAI Dining HERE.

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