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The Fleas in the Jar

Fleas in jar

Fleas can potentially jump 150 times their own height and the power of the jump can be compared to a space rocket. 

In an experiment, where fleas are put in an open jar, they can quickly jump out of it. However, when the fleas are put back into the jar but this time with a glass lid on, the fleas still jump, hit the glass lid and fall back into the jar. 

After a while, the fleas start jumping slightly below the glass lid to avoid hitting themselves on the lid. Then, when the glass lid is removed the fleas continue jumping below the height of the glass lid. They learnt to stop themselves from jumping beyond the height of the lid.

Are you able to relate yourself with the fleas in the jar?

We are often unaware of how much we have conditioned ourselves to avoid feelings or things that make us feel uncomfortable inside; probably based on past experiences or just purely due to our own narrow thinking. The fear of discomfort has thus given us the power of self-limitation. 

The practise of yoga constantly tries to remove the glass lid (past memories and future imaginations) over our heads and we are free to jump out of the jar! The only glass lid that exists is in our minds and so many of us just get stuck in a rut. 

“The attempt to protect yourself from your problems actually creates more problems.” ~ The Untethered Soul

Do you you find this experience familiar? 

It is how we respond immediately when we are faced with a problem. Once we realize how unnecessary it is to “protect” ourselves, we can learn how to loosen our grip on the need or want to control every little thing inside and around us.

The sooner we can take the lid off the sooner we can fully experience an open-jar mind.

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