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Urban Ashtangi : Dwi Siswianti

Dwi yoga bar

Re-rooting herself from Indonesia and making Singapore her new home since 2004 and being an active person back home brought Dwi to create her own fitness routine in her new environment. Hitting the gym, swimming, running and finally found herself in yoga classes near her block. Her dedication to the yoga practice led her to training and becoming a volunteer teacher.

8 years later, this sassy teacher now holds her own yoga studio, Yoga Bar. In search of deepening her own learning and being able to practice independently, Dwi found herself with the Ashtanga Mysore method 6 years ago. A strong woman who holds many roles, Dwi continues her learning and unfolds how this practice can support her in life. 

1. Why did you build your practice with the Ashtanga Mysore method? 

The work schedule sometimes can be hectic and keeps me moving from one place to another. The Mysore method helps me to slow down my pace which I need very badly hehehe….. 

Often I answer this with a joke; “It’s like having the best husband which I never had” – always provides me solitude no matter what and always keeps me happy without getting high ;p

2. What is your biggest struggle to maintain a regular routine to practice?

I do my best to keep practicing at least 2 times a week and whenever I can I’ll do it at my studio. I am not eager to finish the series too soon, maybe because I am getting old I like to slow down hehehe…

3. How has this practice influenced you when you are working with your students when in your own class? 

Practice has been the greatest teacher for me to understand my own students. Every technique that I learned during my practice always helps me to do and feel better. I’m grateful to all my teachers from the past and the current.

4. What is the biggest fight with yourself in life/ in practice?

Good thing I don’t have many friends, hehe. I try my best to have everything organized. There are 24 hours in a day minus my 4-5 hours of sleep, there is always time for what we need. 

In these 16 years of practice, I had my struggle maintaining my practice because my late parents were sick and I had to go back and forth between Jakarta and Singapore. And after losing both of my parents in 10 months my mat is the best place to get a hug. 

5. The Mysore practice has given an impression of being too dynamic and physically demanding. Do you consider this practice a sustainable one? 

To be honest practicing yoga helps me be a better mother as having 2 teenagers can give me high blood pressure. But practicing yoga especially Mysore style, I pace myself to slow down. 

Being present sounds like a quote from instagram but that applies to me. 

6. What is your morning routine like before you come in for practice? 

Hmm… My secret recipe is honey + lemon + warm water and sips of coffee. 

7. What is one thing you really want to focus on working with yourself through this practice?

 I am not asana oriented but having said that I always put 100% focus in every asana and since i don’t like to choose which asana is my favorite because they all are my favorite. 

8. Yoga practice is a (blessing) in my life because …. 

It always heals me from grief, my sickness, loving my moments and providing me the comfort I need.

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