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Urban Ashtangi: Meggie Chon Lane

Meggie bakes

Striving in the finance industry by profession, Meggie is a hard-core exercise enthusiast – be it hitting the gym, outdoor cycling or diving. We can often see pretty pastries shared on social media while she gets to be indoors. The non-sweet tooth baker expressed that she enjoys only the process of baking and feeding people around her. 

Meggie is someone that we wonder ever has any resting time at all. After 4 years of dedication on the mat, she recently entered into another stage of life and that is being a new mum!

1. How did your first yoga class happen? 

When I moved to Singapore 5 years ago, I wanted to try something new and joined a dragon boat team. I was very dedicated to all the training and always wanted to push myself physically. 

Unfortunately I had a scooter accident while travelling and could not expose my wounds to any water sports. This is when I got introduced to my first yoga class. I always thought yoga was slow and boring but shortly got hooked to more dynamic yoga classes.

2. Why did you build your practice with the (Ashtanga) Mysore method? 

I am a disciplined person in nature and prefer to have a structured sequence 😉 The Mysore practise helps me to understand my body posture through each breath and asana. It makes me feel good about my mind and body.

3. What is your biggest struggle?

My working hours are a challenge to practice regularly. I need to prioritize sleep over practice to avoid getting sick or injured. There are days where I struggle to focus and put my mind solely on practice. No matter how many years of practice, I will always have tight hips. It’s a love and hate relationship with Marichyasana D. 

4. How has the meaning of yoga practice evolved over time?

I used to always want to push myself but I now understand I need to let go. The sequence helped me work on the foundation first. It’s not because your neighbor on the mat can do impressive asana that you have to challenge yourself. Just accept your body and it will all come along. 

5. How has this practice supported you at different stages of your life? 

My first year in Singapore was a bit extreme and it impacted my health and my relationship towards others. I always wanted to outperform my day by working late, working out twice a day and even partying. Some people can do everything but we are not all superheroes.

The yoga practice helped me to focus and take things slow. I don’t work out as frequently now but it doesn’t matter. I listen to my body first and I feel good. 

6. How has the practice been so far now that you are pregnant and still showing up on the mat? 

There is this stage when you are finally proud to complete the full primary series by yourself and suddenly your body tells you to have a break. Each week is a different practice. 

I had to give up all the twisting, core asanas (I miss you bhujapidasana), jumping back and deep forward bend. Recently I can barely do the finishing sequence. 

However I am grateful to my dear teacher who helps me with each practice. I learned again to let go and I am happy to still be on the mat in my nine months of pregnancy. I read that yoga is good to prepare myself for delivery. 

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