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Urban Ashtangi : Mu Yamamoto

In this much anticipated follow-up interview with Mu, he shares how his yoga practice has evolved and reveals his new perspective after recovering from an injury that has deepened his connection to yoga.

The Path to Breakthrough: Navigating the Depths of Breakdown

I began my Mysore practice in 2018 at the former shala (The Yoga Shala Rowell)  and around the same time I made my decision to resign from my oil trading job that I had been engaged in for many years with intense performance, results and profit pressures. I really enjoyed the new experience of the Mysore practice and the slow life alongside my frequent oversea trips.  

However, I had to cease my practice due to a meniscal injury to my right knee in 2021. As a result of this  I made my unique decision to return to oil trading after a few years break. Before and after the surgery for my knee, I took several months of absence from my practice and needed another several months of rehabilitation.  

Empowering Growth: Personal, Professional, and Showing up on the yoga mat

After a few years of hiatus, I felt some positive changes in myself. I felt I may be able to manage and reduce the swings in my life and mental imbalances better than before.  Having said that, I am not sure how my practice may or may not have contributed to it and it is not so important for me to seek something else besides my practice.  Rather I just aim to keep standing on my mat as much as possible!    

Finding Equilibrium: Embracing Change to Enhance Life’s Balance

While I am not a party boy (smile), I had  dining and drinking sessions at social gatherings in the past. Since incorporating the Mysore practice into my life on a regular basis, I have stayed at home more, ate less, slept earlier for next day’s practice and naturally reduced drinking sessions. But it is not that I went cold turkey, it is about having a balance too.               

Overcoming Adversity with Mysore practice: Rebuilding and Recovering from Injury

It was quite disappointing when the meniscal injury hit me in 2021 and caused large setbacks in my practice. After the surgery I couldn’t even walk for a while. I still have the aftereffects and in fact since the injury I have refrained from jogging and climbing mountains, both of which I used to enjoy doing.   

But so what, what should I do? One of the reasons I choose the Mysore practice was so that I would not have  to compete with others except myself.

Aging, injury and occasional laziness are common and I do know that all of them are happening to me too. I am ok to accept them as long as I can continue going to the shala to keep standing on my mat. My goal is just to keep up with 99% practice and 1% theory.

Last but not least, I have really appreciated Shirly and Adeline’s patience since 2018! 🙏🙏

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